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This is an Educational channel for Electrical and Electronics Engineering subjects. Why Tech StudyCell? 1- Here each tutorial video explained with practical experiments & animations for better understanding. 2- All the videos on electronics components like resistor, capacitor, LED, diode, transistors, MOSFET, voltage regulators explained with Datasheets, Circuit for different applications, Testing process, Calculation, etc. 3- All electronics projects are described with the circuit diagram, breadboard schematic, required component list, working principle, PCB Gerber file*, other required details. (*Order PCB with Coupon Code "JLCPCBcom" for all and valid permanently.) 4- Here you will also find different electronics project ideas on IoT, home automation with Arduino, ESP8266, ESP32, LORA Module, etc. 5- if you face any difficulty with the circuit, I will definitely help you. I do reply to all the comments I received. For business inquiry Mailto:

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